The more mobile we become, the more we ask from our smartphones and tablets. The more our devices bring us more features, the more freedom we have to go wherever we want and yet still be connected. Such is the digital nomad lifestyle of today. Microsoft is still a huge part of our school and corporate lives, and they are now doing all they can so we can bring them on our mobile gadgets and not just get stuck in the office or school. The latest update is that Office for Android smartphones is now available on Preview mode.

The preview apps for Word, Excel and Powerpoint are now available for Android smartphones are now available and they are optimized for touch and for people who are always on the go. It is still the same look and feel as your Office desktop, complete with the formatting and the same navigation and menu options, only they are at the bottom of the screen as it is easier for your thumbs to reach.

You will be able to read, review, and edit the documents, as well as create, open, and edit the ones that are on your various cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, among others. But still it is still in the Preview mode, they are open to a lot of feedback, criticism, suggestions, etc so that they will be able to further improve until they release the official app soon.

The existing Office for Mobile app will still be available in the Google Play Store and then later on, Microsoft will reveal what their plans are for that app. But if you want to have the Preview version of Office for Android, you need to join their Office for Android community, become a tester, and then wait for Google Play to give your the permissions and then follow the download links to install the apps.

SOURCE: Microsoft