If you’re an Office 365 Home or Office subscriber, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft is adding more protection for your account and all your files that you have entrusted to your cloud. You can never be too sure especially these days as hackers and other online nefarious elements are becoming more sophisticated. These new security features include file recovery, ransomware detection, and advanced protection from viruses and cybercrime. They’re applicable for all the things that come with your subscription, which includes Office Suite, OneDrive, and Outlook.com.

The Files Restore, which was previously available for OneDrive for Business users, is also now available for personal OneDrive users subscribed to Office 365. You will be able to retrieve your entire drive to a previous point in the last 30 days if you need to recover from an accidental mass delete, file corruption, or a ransomware attack. And in case of the last one, you will also now be able to detect it and you’ll be notified through email, mobile, or desktop. They will also guide you through the recovery process which includes the aforementioned OneDrive file restoration.

Your files and information also get extra protection now with some new tools that they’re offering for subscribers. You can set passwords for files and folders that you’ll be sharing with others. Outlook.com also brings added layers of protection as they remain encrypted over a secure connection. You can also now set some emails to prevent recipients from forwarding them to anyone else. You also get advanced link checking not just in your email but also on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to prevent links that would lead you to malware sites.

All these new features are of course only for Office 365 subscribers. Those who use free services still get protection but not as robust as these. You’ll get two-factor authentication and anomalous sign-in detection.

SOURCE: Office