How loyal are you? If you use an iPhone, chances are you stick with what you know. For Android, those loyalty statistics dip a bit, according toa survey from Statista. Samsung has the most loyal Android fans — and most loyal users outside of Apple — but the Android fray is still a bit muddled when it comes to sticking with a brand.

Acording to the survey, 76% of iPhone users re-upped with iOS. Samsung was second with 58%, while LG held on with 37%. Just behind them is Nokia with 33%, and HTC with 30% retention. Sony made a good showing at 24%, while the resurgent Motorola has a healthy 22% retention rate among customers who upgraded in 2013. Blackberry had 21% retention, but those numbers will likely fall off in short order.


The information here is from Statista, and we should take a minute to qualify their report. The study was done in the US, UK, and Australia, so nowhere near a true global picture. The study also had a mere 3,000 participants, so we’re not ready to say it’s even thorough or comprehensive. We don’t know how they chose participants, or where they came form. It likely serves as a good sampling, but relating it to scale, we can’t say the numbers would remain as solvent for the brands involved.

We want to know where your loyalty lies. Do you stick with your tried-and-true Android OEM, or are you brand agnostic? Maybe you’re OS agnostic, too, and don’t really care what device you find your hands wrapped around. Whatever your case is, let us know in the comment section below. We’re curious how you shape up when compared to this survey.

Via: WSJ