Oculus Update Voice Command

If you still have your Oculus Quest VR, know that a new update is available. Specifically, it’s software version 34. This means new features and enhancements are available for the virtual reality headset. The improvements include better Guardian functionality, as well as, new voice commands. The Quest team has also introduced more multitasking features plus Quest for Business, Horizon Home, and Active Pack for fitness. Presence Platform for developers was also announced together with Messenger audio calls support.

The Quest version 34 software update is now available albeit release will be slow. Most users will get it randomly so don’t expect a quick and full rollout.

Oculus’ Space Sense is also getting an update. This safety feature has been useful as it allows users to mark an area’s boundaries by drawing a line. Since it can’t tell you when somebody new entered the area, the update changes that simply be alerting players is inside the play area. With the update, Quest users can now see if there is an object or intruder that will show in the headset view with a pink glow around.

Android integration is now ready. If you have an Android phone, you can receive push notifications for future updates. This allows the user to have the device up-to-date. You can also view the notifications within the headset if you want to see them.

Control a VR headset is easier with voice commands. No need to click through the menus or point using a controller. This function is improved with the new update so more tasks can be done. New voice commands can be used to play-pause media, hide Move stats, open Settings, or ask for the weather among others.

Oculus Update Android Notification

Presence Platform brings the Passthrough API. It’s mainly an experimental feature released for developers earlier this year. It’s for mixed-use apps and features to finally allow mixed-reality experiences in the near future. The SDK will also be released soon so more devs and creators can work on such experiences.


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