Oculus has recently announced a bunch of new games and features with the aim of making your virtual reality (VR) experience more social. This is not surprising from a company now owned by the largest and most influential social network on the planet – that is, Facebook. So on the Samsung Gear VR, you can now enjoy games and features with friends.


First up, Social Trivia is a new game created by Oculus that has you competing with friends in a battle of who knows more useless facts. You can get this game at the Oculus Store. Also out now is Herobound: Gladiators, a multiplayer adventure game where you and your friends work together to battle goblins and demons.


If you ever wanted to watch a video together with friends via VR, Oculus now allows that with Oculus Social – and you can watch Twitch or Vimeo streams together in a virtual room. The technology now allows you to do crazy stuff like these.


In fact, Oculus is promising that it will be releasing more tools and opening up more APIs for developers to use so they can “create more incredible social VR games and apps.” If you thought that VR was just a passing craze, then consider yourself wrong on that. This is just the beginning of what we can use VR for.

SOURCE: Oculus