It’s right about the end of October, and there are new games coming out of the production line that you need to be aware of. These games might just be the new thing you’re looking for to pass the time on your smartphone, so watch out for these.

Brave Hand

Heart Shaped Games LLC, the guys behind the game Hero Generations, is apparently working on a single-player card game that’s due to come out next month. This is called Brave Hand, and it is inspired by popular single player card games like Solitaire, but with a dash of strategy from collectible card battle games.

The game is actually out on public beta, and it is marked as “unreleased” at the Google Play Store, but you are able to download it and play it. There’s no guarantee that the game will be super smooth and stable, but at least you’ll be able to take a look.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Master of Plunder

This is a new hack-n-slash game in the mold of Diablo – so you’ll know with Master of Plunder, you’ll at least have fun hacking down as many bad guys as you can. For some reason, these kinds of RPGs are strangely therapeutic and enjoyable, so we wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of you enjoyed this new RPG.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Lunar Battle

From legendary gaming company Atari, Lunar Battle is an intriguing mash-up between a city building game and a space shooter. Lunar Battle allows players journey and explore – and eventually conquer – uncharted regions of the galaxy. This title from Atari features arcade-style combat elements, with an uncanny resemblance to other popular Atari titles such as Star Raiders and the Asteroids.

Interestingly, there’s also a city building element, where players gather resources and build infrastructure. They also need to make sure that they stay protected against the alien threats. We don’t know how this will go, but we’re certainly interested to try it out.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Decap Attack Classic

This next new game is a new addition to the SEGA Forever collection of classic SEGA games, and Decap Attack Classic looks to be a lot of fun. Players play Chuck D. Head – a headless mummy – who battles a huge underworld army. It sounds like a lot of fun already, so please check it out.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


This new disaster management game is a bit like Fallout Shelter with its premise, but with a twist. Sheltered is Team 17’s take on the base-building strategy survival game, and it is mainly a port of the PC and console releases, retaining everything those titles contain under a premium price point.

The game will have you protecting 4 family members in a post-apocalyptic world by venturing into an unsafe land in order to provide for your family. The game is available for you, but you have to shell out USD$3.99.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Battlevoid: Sector Siege

When Bugbyte releases a real-time strategy (RTS) game, you will need to take note – especially if it’s one of their games under the Battlevoid series. These guys know what they are doing, and they make this RTS darned easy to play.

The game features a top-down view where players manage their own space fleet. If you need to check out a new RTS as of this time, Battlevoid: Sector Siege seems worth it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Game of Thrones: Conquest

This game needs no introduction as it is one of the official tie-in games of the hugely popular Game of Thrones TV series. Game of Thrones: Conquest feels apt as a tie-in, this is a strategy game where you will need to build your own house in the lands of Westeros, and navigate the trick political landscape the TV series and the books are known for.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

DreamWorks Universe of Legends

Here’s another way for movie-making giant DreamWorks to remind you of their iconic animated characters – make a game where they’re all in it. Collect heros, build a team, and basically save the world. Sounds simple enough eh? Try it out!

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store