For geeks who switch from one custom ROM to the other or frequently swap phones for the sake of testing, a good backup tool is of utmost necessity. Most of us are dependent on reliable apps like Titanium Backup and Migrate apps to make the switch hitch-free – virtually saving loads of your time and effort. OAndBackup is also in the mix but not many fancy the app because of its dated features compared to the ones mentioned above. However, that has changed now as XDA Developers member Antonios Hazim has revamped it with loads of new features.

The previous OAndBackup app hasn’t had an update since March 2019, that’s the reason why Antonios has extracted the codebase of OAndBackup to infuse a new user interface into the app. The developer has also made sure the app works with the latest versions of Android. Now you’ll have the ability to handle split APK’s and in-app backup encryption with the OAndBackupX app.

The app requires root access since it copies files from across the data, installed third-party apps, and system apps. You can backup the programs individually as well as in batch backup mode, which then restores the multiple programs. There is also the ability to schedule backups with no limits on the number of schedules. One can make custom lists from the collection of apps on the phone if desired.

With OAndBackupX users can restore system apps without the need for a reboot. The open-source nature of this tool will be liked by many who were looking for a solution other than the popular options that in a way had closed source nature. For now, the support for Android Storage Access Framework is missing but it should be included in the coming weeks which will allow for data backup from external SDCard or USB OTG.


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