In an effort to have all Subway stations completely wired by 2016, the MTA has announced that around 36 stations are getting smartphone cell service and WiFi access in New York City. More than 8.5 million daily subway riders will be happy to learn that they’ll have complete wireless service deep underground at more than 30 new locations. Time to check Twitter and Facebook on the Subway.

According to local reports from CBS, after testing 7 different WiFi-capable stations during the end of 2012 the MTA has now begun their full assault of wiring up the subway system. Expecting to have nearly 277 NYC Subway stations all having access by the end of 2016.

With the help of Boingo, Transit Wireless, and the 4 big wireless carriers this is now a reality, and more will be coming soon. The rollout will be slow however, as the 110 year old Subway system wasn’t built for this technology, and they keep running into little technical difficulties. NYC, we have a problem.

In addition to full WiFi service, Verizon has just joined on to offer cell service to all 36 stations along with AT&T, T-Mobile, and others. However, this raises some pretty big security questions regarding terrorism in NYC, but we’re hearing the MTA works closely with the counter-terrorist task force in New York City, but has avoided answering questions in that regard as of late.

Many New Yorkers should be happy to see this news, so give it a try today and expect more stations to receive support in the coming months.