The folks that brought Wi-Fi to the world, the Wi-Fi Alliance, is preparing the next step of Wireless media consumption with Miracast certification. Allowing Miracast certified devices to wirelessly stream movies, photos, games and more all to your HDTV. It’s like mirror mode only wireless. NVIDIA’s been hard at work making this not only be an option, but deeply integrated into their quad-core Tegra 3 powered devices.

In a recent blog post NVIDIA outlines how Miracast, along with the Tegra 3, can enhance users time with their Android devices and home entertainment. Miracast’s open wireless display specification will soon be available and widespread with the vast WiFi capable devices we use daily. NVIDIA wants to make sure their at the forefront.

The video above should explain it all quite simply. You can see from the quick demonstration by the folks at NVIDIA that their Tegra-powered devices are going to work wonderfully with this new and impressive standard. I’ve always enjoyed using mirror mode to use my Android devices on my larger HDTV, but doing it all wireless with Miracast will be awesome. The video shows just how impressive it is, how great and smooth the performance can be, and exactly what we can expect in the coming months.

Pretty awesome right? Once the Wi-Fi Alliance gets everything up to spec and ready to go, we’ll surely let you know as I’m sure you’re all dying to try it.



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