If you’re a fan of Android gaming as of late then surely you’re probably rocking an NVIDIA-powered device. The folks from NVIDIA have continued to push the gaming front with not only their high powered Tegra 2 and quad-core Tegra 3 devices, but with the TegraZone app center. Today they’ve proudly passed 5 million downloads.

Today NVIDIA is commemorating their milestone of passing 5 million downloads from just the Google Play Store alone (not counting Tegrazone.com) with a blog post you’ll want to check out. If you have an NVIDIA-powered smartphone or tablet but don’t have their obviously extremely popular TegraZone app, you probably should hurry and get it by clicking here.

What does this actually mean for us? Nothing really. What it means for the future of Android smartphones and tablets when it comes to popular games and apps however is the important part. The fact that they’ve had their popular app downloaded so many times is proof to how popular the Android gaming market is, and we can expect to see these types of apps and games continue to arrive — all with NVIDIA leading the front.

For details and information on the absolute best and latest Android games the TegraZone is one of the best places to look. Games like Shadowgun, Dead Trigger, Dark Meadow, Beach Buggy Blitz and more all have launched exclusively with NVIDIA before hitting the rest of Android. As usual we will continue to follow all the awesome HD games from NVIDIA and if you’d like to check out what they’ve released thus far check out our NVIDIA TegraZone Portal.