CES saw a gob of tablets unveiled that will run the powerful NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and smartphones are coming with Tegra 2 as well. The problem some users run into on Android devices is that not all of the Android phones are created equal when it comes to gaming. You only have to look to Angry Birds to know that some devices just can cut it for mobile gaming as well as others.

NVIDIA will be launching its own section on the Android Market that developers and gamers should appreciate called the Tegra Zone. The section will feature game apps that must have Tegra hardware inside the smartphone or tablet to run.

This is a good thing because as long as you have Tegra 2 inside, you know your device will run the game app. At the same time, it will give devs making high-end games a uniform platform to develop for. I wonder if the games will be skewed towards Tegra 2 only titles or if it will include any app that will run on the platform.

Via Reg Hardware


  1. the last comment was 1 month ago I have a tablet with tegra and want games to play so when will this be available at the app store


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