Back during CES 2013 in January NVIDIA unveiled their new Tegra 4 quad-core mobile processor. Along with it comes tons of brand new and exciting camera features they’re calling Chimera. Slated as the “World’s first mobile computational photography architecture.” One of the awesome new features we can expect on Tegra smartphones and tablets is their always on HDR (high dynamic range) photography and video option. Check it out below.

There’s tons of exciting things NVIDIA will be bringing to market along with their Chimera technology. Some of those include always-on HDR as mentioned above, HDR panoramic photos which should be amazing, and persistent tap-to-track capabilities. Tap-to-track will allow live, real-time tracking and autofocus on moving objects in video. Something we can’t wait to try out, and I’m sure a few Soccer Dads or Moms will agree.

Live in San Jose, California for the annual GTC 2013 conference we were able to catch up with a few folks from NVIDIA to get a first-hand demo of this new feature. Their always-on HDR mode will enable users to take awesome photos and video no matter the situation, and even see it live before taking the shot. The video below would look a lot better if it had the Chimera feature available.

As NVIDIA explains, always-on HDR will break through the barrier current smartphones are under when it comes to HDR photography. All using NVIDIA’s new computational photography architecture the quad-core Tegra 4 does all the work – and completely in real time. All the time it took to process and blend the images before will be done for you. And the result should be stunning pictures and video on a whole array of upcoming Android smartphones and tablets powered by the Tegra 4 and Tegra 4i superchip.

We have plenty more coming soon from GTC so stay tuned. Don’t forget to hit our Tegra Portal for all things NVIDIA news.


    • It takes two shots, but so quickly it is like taking one shot (basically the speed is immediate). Current solutions have a delay between the two shots. This also allows HDR on video.


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