There is no doubt about it, NVIDIA created what is probably the best Android TV console to date – this is the NVIDIA SHIELD. With robust specs and Android TV under all the NVIDIA software sheen, the device can easily transform not only into a gaming console but everything you will ever need connected to a big screen TV. The addition of the GeForce NOW service also allowed you to stream triple-A games from the cloud, without even pushing the SHIELD’s hardware so much. Now, GeForce NOW will even allow you to stream games from your PC.

GeForce NOW was a wonderful addition to the NVIDIA SHIELD, because it meant that console gamers on the device could now stream high quality, high graphics games to their big-ass TV sets without worrying if the console can actually run the games. Streaming from the cloud meant that the game was running on a server system somewhere, and you only needed a decent internet connection to stream PUBG or any other game you would want.

NVIDIA is now adding a new feature to the GeForce NOW service, and that is “personal game streaming”. What this means is that you can stream your games from your powerful gaming PC on to your TV set. Now that may seem like a wonderful feature – until you realize that NVIDIA is adding the capability, but they probably haven’t thought of who would want to do that.

PC gamers are a serious bunch when it comes to hardware – they like their gaming keyboards and gaming mice, and they like the game to flow as smooth as possible. Would they risk streaming to the NVIDIA SHIELD where they would probably have to use a gaming controller? Of course, you can probably pair a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse to your NVIDIA SHIELD, but is it really worth the hassle?

Also, NVIDIA had already tried something of this sort before, on separate occasions. There was NVIDIA GameStream, where you could stream your game from a GTX TITAN-powered gaming PC straight to the NVIDIA SHIELD handheld gaming console and to your 4K TV. Also, the GeForce NOW service is even available on Mac and PC, so you can stream games from the cloud without even installing them on your rig. Both systems have gotten middling usage from gamers.

But the new feature is here, and NVIDIA seems set to try this system again. We will have to see if the new feature from GeForce NOW gets more love from PC gamers this time around.

VIA: SlashGear