The NVIDIA SHIELD gaming console in the palm of your hand has only been available for a few weeks, and we’re already seeing an update for the android 4.2 Jelly Bean powered device. An update has just started arriving on our SHIELD’s, which comes in at a quite large 402MB, and apparently fixes some audio issues.

In case you missed our awesome and massive NVIDIA SHIELD review, this Android 4.2 powered Tegra 4 quad-core console built into a game controller is readily available for $299. One of the many perks, aside from playing hundreds of Android games with top quality graphics and controls, is the option to stream PC Steam games.

While running our initial tests and shooting a few videos for PC streaming, we noticed occasionally there was some audio lag while streaming. Gaming is a joy, but a few select games the audio was slightly behind the video on SHIELD. Since we’re streaming the game over WiFi from a GeForce enabled PC, the audio was somehow coming in slightly later. Well, they’ve fixed that.


According to the changelog by NVIDIA the update will bring a “reduction in audio latency for Geforce PC streaming” and that’s all it says. It is a massive 402 MB update, so surely that isn’t all they’ve changed, but that was all the update mentioned. Either way, if you’re enjoying a SHIELD and want an improved PC experience I’d start checking for updates right about now.