If you’re one of the many who is excited to finally get your hands on NVIDIA‘s Project SHIELD Android gaming console, we have some excellent news. This morning the folks from NVIDIA have confirmed the full launch details, as well as pricing and pre-order information. Select few will get to pre-order starting today, May 14th, and this next-gen gaming console starts shipping in early June.

Today NVIDIA confirmed SHIELD will come out of the box with 2 free games and stock Android Jelly Bean, and also support over 30 TegraZone enhanced and SHIELD optimized games. You’ll get that impressive Tegra 4 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, micro-SD support, mini HDMI-out for enjoying these games on the big screen, WiFi, Stereo sound and much more. Basically everything we already knew, then a few additional details like internal storage and pricing.

For those who’ve shown interest and hit the “Notify me” option on the SHIELD website, you’ll be among the first to pre-order (and receive) SHIED with pre-orders being available to you starting today. Then the general public will be able to pre-order starting May 20th by heading to Shield.NVIDIA.com and getting all set up.


NVIDIA SHIELD will start at $349 and will begin shipping to those who pre-ordered in early June. Then it will also become available on Newegg.com and in stores at Gamestop, Microcenter and a few other select retail partners. Oddly Best Buy isn’t included. SHIELD is a new kind of portable gaming experience, and will fit perfectly with any Android gamer from day one. Then of course the Geforce PC streaming option will be arriving in a limited beta soon, with access to Steam, which is a big deal.

Along with the “world’s fastest mobile processor” in the Tegra 4 (4-plus-1) quad-core chip and 2GB of RAM, you’ll also be enjoying that 5-inch 720p HD display accompanied by a console-quality controller. This is an Android tablet, a gamepad, and of course a full-on game console in the palm of your hand.

Oh and don’t forget to check out our NVIDIA Tegra Hub for all the hands-on videos and details of current and upcoming games. And expect some hands-on and a full review of SHIELD coming from Android Community real quick. Stay tuned, this will be exciting.