The SHIELD NVIDIA Android TV is getting another software update. The release is good news for device owners but unfortunately, it doesn’t include Oreo yet. Don’t worry though as there are several important improvements and new features that you can benefit from. For one, you can now view your Nest Cameras on the TV live on SHIELD. This is one helpful change because you can conveniently just switch to a screen to view what’s happening inside and around your house.

The update allows you to control over a thousand smart home products via Google Assistant across close to 150 brands. The smart voice assistant is integrated now with the Assistant so you can easily control and manage your smart home. If you want to record shows without the commercials, you can do so easily with Plex DVR. When using VLC, you can also now take advantage of 360-degree video support and picture-in-picture mode.

SHIELD TV now lets you enjoy Cartoon Network, Magic of LEGO, and more VH1 exclusive shows and clips. For the music lovers and audiophiles, you can now listen to SiriusXM and experience Hi-Fi audio with Tidal.

This particular update also delivers the latest Android security patches for the Spectre vulnerability, YUV 8 bit BT 2020 video playback support, and USB compatibility mode to improve Bluetooth or wireless performance for those with attached USB storage and accessories.