NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 2019

Most of the world is on quarantine because of the widespread of the coronavirus. Others call it lockdown but it doesn’t matter how we call this staying at home period. We’re requested to stay home and remain social distancing because we want to flatten the curve. The lockdown has been changing areas in our lives. Professions and businesses are rapidly adjusting to the situation. In recent weeks, we’re still learning about new products, services, and software updates. It seems things are normal for some brands.

There are unfortunate ones like NVIDIA. We’re only talking about some business, not everything from the company. The product is reportedly affected by this global pandemic.

We don’t doubt this is happening. NVIDIA has announced the production of the SHIELD TV Pro 2019 has been affected. The product line is NOT discontinued – production is only on a pause. Make that ‘was’ because NVIDIA also confirmed the resumption of production.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro 2019 units are said to be on their way to retailers in other parts of the globe. No mention where exactly and when these units will be released though. There are partners who have stopped their business temporarily so some markets may not be to have them.

NVIDIA is committed to still bringing quality products and services to its target markets. There may be a delay but there is no stopping the business. We’re crossing our fingers that things will become better very soon for everybody.


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