NVIDIA has been showing off GameStream at an event today and part of that includes something called Game Console Mode. While we offered a bit of detail on the setup earlier in the day, we now have some video, which should offer a much better look at how this all works. Anyway, this video offers a look at a setup using Steam, a PC, the SHIELD, a Bluetooth controller and a television.

While that is certainly a full load of gear, the whole process appears to line things up for a solid gaming experience. It is a bit hard to see the full clarity of the screen in the video, but we can also take the bit about how a vast majority will not experience this to the full level as they are missing the 4K television.


Still, the process is solid and it means you can make full use of your Steam account and enjoy PC quality gaming without having to move your PC into the living room to play on the big screen. Breaking this down, they are showing a Steam game on a PC, but through an NVIDIA SHIELD paired with a third-party Bluetooth controller — and viewed on a television.

Of course, that does require the SHIELD to be connected to the television over HDMI. But the SHIELD can have the lid closed and it will not affect the gameplay. In this case NVIDIA is showing the demo using a Nyko PlayPad Pro controller. A similar setup can also be done using the regular Android setup found on the SHIELD. But somehow the PC and Steam connections make it a bit more exciting.

Anyway, while this does require a Steam account and PC (with specific hardware), it certainly does up the SHIELD feature set. As we mentioned earlier in the day, this takes the SHIELD from being a simple handheld Android gaming system to something that can complete with more traditional setups such as the Xbox and Playstation.