Tech companies and OEMs have a lot to learn from NVIDIA. The American tech firm knows how to do updates right. It’s able to make old devices work as if new by only releasing software updates almost every month. Our last mention on NVIDIA was back in June when we said a new SHIELD TV with Android 9 and Tegra X1 may be in the works. As for the last NVIDIA SHIELD Experience Upgrade, version 7.2.3 was released in March. We’re now on 8.0, ready to bring several important features and improvements.

The SHIELD EXPERIENCE UPGRADE 8.0 brings a number of things. The most important is the Android 9 Pie upgrade, bringing a more streamlined setup and a redesigned Settings menu for all users. Whether you’re an old or new user, you will find that the interface is easy-to-use. You will notice the ‘Display and Sounds’ advanced setting are now separate into two for easier navigation.

Under Settings> Display & Sound> Advanced, you can now set color space to match the content. Volume dynamic range has been improved for Bluetooth and USB headsets. The 720p refresh rate switching on supported apps has also been enabled.

NVIDIA has added a number of new options like Bluetooth assist on the SHIELD TV remote app. You can also expect the new “Disconnect Bluetooth accessories” option on quick settings, IR power control options to customize on/off functionality, option to turn off USB power when SHIELD sleep, and option to connect to 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi network with shared SSID.

Inside the SHIELD Experience Update are the following accessory firmware versions: SHIELD controller (2017): v1.30; SHIELD controller (2015): v1.96/99/3.71/0.32; SHIELD remote (2017): v1.43; and SHIELD remote (2015): v.1.36.

As for SHIELD apps, Hulu Live TV is coming. Old apps have been upgraded as well like Netflix enabling high-quality Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound, Prime Video getting 4K Cast, FandangoNOW able to show movies in 4K + HDR, and a redesigned Twitch UI. New apps include Bravo, SYFY, E!, USA, Yahoo! Finance, XUMO, Lifetime, and MotoGP. New games have been too. There are over 20 new games from GeForce NOW. Unknown Fate, SiNKR2, and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap have been added as well.


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