It has been six months since we shared with you the last NVIDIA SHIELD Experience Upgrade. That was version 8.0 that rolled out in July 2019. Today, we’re learning about 8.0.2 version–—update for the SHIELD TV PRO, SHIELD TV PRO (2015), and SHIELD TV (2015). This release brings a number of important improvements and new features that are very useful. The latest software delivers support for the NVIDIA SHIELD Remote so they can work on the SHIELD TV models mentioned above.

The update lets the new 2019 SHIELD remote to work on the older SHIELD TVs. The upgrade brings new features such as a customizable menu button, remote locator feature, and motion-activated backlit buttons.

NVIDIA SHIELD Experience Upgrade 8.0.2 also brings other enhancements. The new XBOX Elite 2 controller, as well as, Sanscrit USB DAC are now supported. The Channels DVR mobile app is now able to store recorded content on NAS.

You can find new or upgraded apps like PLEX. Feel free to stream free TV shows and free movies on the app with fewer ads and commercial interruptions. BET+ is also now on SHIELD, offering more than 1,000 hours of premium content. New games have been added as well including Jack Box Party Pack 6 (comes with five new games), ASPHALT 9, Brick Breaker (classic brick breaker game), [GeForce NOW] Cuisine Royale (all-kitchen-warfare), DARKSIDERS: GENESIS, Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna (sci-fi thriller), and AVICII Invector.


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