GeForce NOW is NVIDIA’s brand that it uses for game streaming. Cloud gaming is becoming more popular these days as the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Samsung have also started venturing into the same business. NVIDIA has been on it for years now and it’s been successful so far especially since it regularly releases software updates. Just recently, the company has finally allowed GeForce NOW and PC gaming accessible to more fans and gamers. It will still be cloud gaming but with your good old PC games.

PC is still the biggest gaming platform in the world today. What’s ironic though is that not many people have powerful or modern PCs to play the games. And as time passes by, cloud gaming becomes more popular every time a new system or service is introduced.

With GeForce NOW, you can play PC games anytime, anywhere, and on any device at that. How is that possible? Well, simply add a GeForce graphics card virtually to your Android smartphone, SHIELD, Mac or PC.

GeForce NOW has become an open platform so more people can enjoy PC gaming. With NVIDIA’s Game Ready Drivers and GPU architecture, anyone can enjoy real PC games with precision as if you are using a special mouse and keyboard for gaming. Game controllers can be further optimized with the platform too.

Once enabled, any gamer can connect to other gamers online. There are millions of gamers from all over the world part of different PC communities so there are plenty of reasons to try the platform. If you own any digital game from any store, you can also play them with GeForce NOW.

NVIDIA is still working with more PC game publishers and stores. This way, all your games can be easily accessed in the near future. You don’t have to pay for them again because you’ve already paid in the past.

That is what being an open platform is all about. You don’t have to shell as much money because what you already own is yours. You have already paid for it so you don’t have to again if you want to play it on a different platform.

GeForce NOW even lets you use older devices or consoles. You only need your Android phone with you. You can apply for GeForce NOW membership so you can access GeForce NOW servers. Simply sign-on and play. Membership is free but you can avail of a premium experience. Apply for a Founders membership for $$4.99 each month. The first three months are offered free.