If one area of gaming has seen huge increases lately it’s been in the mobile space. Thanks to NVIDIA and their Tegra-powered devices we’ve seen some awesome games hit Android smartphones and tablets. Yesterday they announced a new partnership with peripheral makers Nyko to bring wireless game controllers to market optimized for Tegra devices.

NVIDIA and Nyko will be bringing two different wireless gamepad controllers to Android called the PlayPad. The model you see above is one of the two unveiled late last night. The controllers, the PlayPad and PlayPad Pro will be heavily optimized to work wonderfully with NVIDIA Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 devices, especially tablets — but should also work for phones if you’d like.

Nyko is an extemely popular peripheral and accessory maker in the PC and Xbox markets and have been making peripherals for a long time. This is a great next step to bring true console-quality games to Tegra devices. We’re also hearing Nyko will have an app called Playground, that will allow non-Tegra devices to also enjoy the gamepad experience. According to Nyko the PlayPad’s will have carrying cases, and portable stands for users to prop up those tablets.

Pretty nice looking controllers right? The dedicated home button is a nice touch too so you can quickly do some multitasking then get back to that first person shooter.

[via Engadget]