With the hundreds of links you come across everyday, from your RSS feeds, your social networks, your news reader apps, etc,sometimes it would be so easy to drown in information overload. But if your Facebook and Twitter friends are people whose tastes are similar to your own or you trust them enough to like the links they post, then this new Android app would be perfect for you as it curates what your social network is sharing.

Nuzzel is a news app just like Zite, Flipboard, Feedly, etc, that gives you relevant links and news stories everyday. It may not be as pretty or as bombastic or as feature-filled as its competitors, but it does have something working for it in terms of simplicity and source materials. It only includes links that have been shared by your contacts from Facebook and Twitter, as soon as you’ve connected those two social networks to the app, which should be pretty easy.

Of course you need to be able to share it with your social networks too (especially if your friends rely on you for interesting links too!) so the sharing buttons for the usual (including email and SMS) are present here as well. You can also configure it to send you customized news alerts when a lot of your friends suddenly share the same link, which is probably a breaking news story or a very viral link.

You can download Nuzzel from the Google Play Store. Everything is absolutely free. A new update has corrected a few issues that came with the first launch.