While a lot of smartphones, particularly the higher end ones have a pretty good zoom on their cameras, there are still some things that are still too small to be seen or documented without the aid of accessories. A new product that is getting funding through Kickstarter will help you solve that problem (if that is a concern of yours of course). Nurugo Micro can turn any smartphone into a 400x microscope and help you take pictures of those that the naked eye can’t see.

Unlike other accessories that may cost a lot and may not be that portable, you can actually leave the Nurugo Micro on your phone even if you’re not using it. It will fit over the camera lens of any smartphone and it doesn’t even require any sort of power from your device. It’s just basically a lens on top of your camera lens. But what it will give you is a magnification of 400x so that students, teachers, researchers and ordinary people who are just naturally curious can take images that they normally wouldn’t be able to document.

To attach to your smartphone, it just uses a small, simple clip. It also includes a fixing ring so you can illuminate what it is you’re looking at, a light guide so there will hopefully be no shadows, and a focus guide to manually adjust the focus. You can also record videos through it for those times when photos aren’t enough.

There are still 6 days to go before the campaign ends, but they have tripled their pledge goal of $50,000. You can still pledge $39 or more to get at least one Nurugo Micro, together with some other bonus stuff. Delivery of items is expected by May of this year.

SOURCE: Kickstarter