Not many people may probably know this but Nubia also sells smartwatches. Nubia isn’t all about smartphones, ZTE’s sub-brand has expanded to wearables beginning last year. It launched the Nubia Alpha Watch which is a smartphone and smartwatch at the same time. The device entered the Chinese market in April 2019, looking different yet classy in Gold and Black. Just last month, we were introduced to a new Nubia Watch with a curved AMOLED display that went on sale last August 5. Today, we’re learning that it’s launching on Kickstarter.

The futuristic flexible display smartwatch is from the brand that knows innovation. The curved smartwatch works as a health and sports tracker and like any wearable, offers alerts and phone notifications to the user. It’s different from the regular smartwatches we see that are round or rectangular. This one is also rectangular but with a flexible display. It’s curved that you can see the images scrolling up or down.

The screen is huge. Well, it’s long. The AMOLED flexible display measures 4.01-inches. It curves around the wrist so it shows more information.

Nubia Watch Creator Jack Hu noted that one problem of most smartwatches is the small display. The information that can be shown is limited but with a long and flexible display, more can be previewed. With the Nubia Watch, you can view stunning panoramas and better visuals. You can see more data from notifications to messages to workout data and more. Hu also shared that with the flexible design, the device “can conform to any wrist for a comfortable, perfect fit”.

The Nubia Watch allows dynamic scrolling of text and animations. It also allows live wallpapers that are fun to see and touch. You can also do further customizations with different watch faces and widgets you can download. It can let you receive calls or texts, calendar reminders, and email notifications so you are always connected.

The smartwatch is described as a full-featured sports and exercise tracker. It comes with a high-precision heart sensor and accelerometer. There are workout metrics for steps, calories, distance, sports performance, and sleep cycles.

Design-wise, the wearable device is made with 316L stainless steel and diamond-like ceramic. The flexible display lets you customize the watch according to your style and preference.

The Nubia Flexible Display Smartwatch is on Kickstarter. The $10,000 goal has been reached a month early. The amount is already four times the goal. You can purchase the new Nubia Watch by pledging support on the crowdfunding site.


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