Nuance has recently update the Dragon mobile app. The app, which is dubbed Dragon (Hands-Free Assistant) is available by way of the Google Play Store and is currently sitting at version 3.0.0. Perhaps more important than a new version number though, the update brings several new and seemingly worthwhile features — all while the app remains free to download and free to use.

Diving right in with what is new, Dragon 3.0.0 makes it easier to share your location, dial into a conference call and reply to text messages. The location sharing portion means you will be able to share your location with a friend. The location will be shown on a map and nicely done on the part of Nuance, can be shared with that friend regardless of whether they are using Dragon. On the flip side, you can also request the location of a friend.

The dialing into a conference call portion actually takes away most of the effort. They cannot actually take your place on the call, however they have removed the need to actually dial in. This update brings the ability to automatically dial into a meeting. You will need to set this up in advance though, but that is as simple as creating a calendar entry (something you will likely do anyway) with the necessary phone number.

Next up is the text message reply. This update brings the option to reply to incoming messages hands-free. Simple and to the point, you get an incoming message and you can dictate one in return. Finally, the last portion of this update deals with Bluetooth devices. Specifically, Bluetooth devices are now supported. Speaking personally and my needs are currently handled with a mix of Google Now and S Voice, however Dragon could be a nice option to consider — especially if you are rocking one the many devices that is not yet running Jelly Bean.

[via Google Play Store]