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The market for smart glasses is still alive. Well, it is not really flourishing but it is there. The Google Glass started it but wasn’t really a success. A number of pairs have been introduced and we have tried a few like the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses. We also remember other pairs such as the ODG R-7 smart glasses, Epson Moverio BT-300 smart glasses, Huawei Gentle Monster Smart Glasses, and the most recent we know–the TCL NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses.

This category still has potential to grow bigger but it may take a while. Not many OEMs are really venturing into this but there are those that come up with interesting products. Nreal has just introduced the Nreal Air.

The Nreal Air looks like an ordinary pair of shades. It’s like your Wayfarer Sunglasses from Rayban but no, this won’t compete with the Facebook Ray-Ban Stories.

Nreal Air comes with built-in augmented reality technology. You can watch YouTube with it, socialize with friends, and even play mobile games. It supports most Android phones. The pair offers tinted lenses, up to 49 PPD, max of 90Hz refresh rate, and is very lightweight at only 77grams.

Nreal Air offers a virtual display that can reach up to 130-inches. It provides a personal theater experience where you can watch movies and even play games. The Air model makes use of augmented reality that can be enjoyed by several people that also use Nreal Air at the same time.

Nreal Air smartglasses AR Tech

Nreal Air features an ergonomic design. You can adjust the frames to fit your face for a more comfortable feel. An adjustable three-step rake system is available so you can tilt the lenses and adjust the viewing angle. An anti-slip fit is possible with elastic temples on the frame.

Nreal Air smart glasses will be released in China, Japan, and South Korea first in December. More key markets will receive the wearable device. No word on pricing yet but we’ll let you know once ready.


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