Just because you’re lightweight doesn’t have to mean that you’re weak. This is the philosophy that Now Browser is adopting with its new Extended Program, a new version of what is billed as the lightest web browser for Android that adds a ton of new power features while still remaining small, agile, and simple.

Now Browser, briefly called Material Browser because of its adoption of Android L’s new aesthetics, brought the promise of an extremely fast and extremely small mobile web browser, occupying only around 160 KB, more or less, of your storage space. The app existed in two tiers, a free version and paid pro one. In truth, however, much of the potential of Now Browser is really only unlocked with the pro version, which gave access to the Now Browser Rendering Engine, Javascrpt Super Fast Mode, Web File compressor, and unlimited tabs.

Now Browser Extended is a new tier that brings even more features to the fold, a veritable laundry list of much desired functionality found in most fully featured and heavyweight web browsers. Just to whet your appetite, there’s AdBlock support, Tor proxy support, unlimited tabs for Web File compressor (not just regular tabs), and Immersive mode. There are some new features that you’d expect to be in any regular browser but are only making their way to Now Browser via the Extended Program, things like bookmarks management and even Find in Page. But wait, there’s more! FlashPlayer support for KitKat devices is also noted to be in the works. Spport for Flash is actually already present in both free Basic and Pro versions of Now Browser, but limited to Android 4.1 devices and older due to Google’s new policy. This feature would then enable the same capability devices running the latest Android version.

Now Browser Extended, however, doesn’t come with a free or even trial version. You will have to pay $1.86 up front to get your hands on these very desirable features. It might be a worthwhile investment, however, as the developer is accepting requests for more features to be added in the future.

Download: Now Browser Extended on Google Play Store