The premise of NovaKey – a new keyboard app – is that normal touchscreen keyboards still require you to look at the screen to make accurate taps on specific letters. By radically changing the orientation of the keyboard, NovaKey creates specific and unique “gestures” for each character – allowing for what they say is a more natural and fluid touchscreen typing process.

The keyboard map is now made up of circles of characters that you can swipe to from the central area of the keyboard so that each character is a unique swipe motion. The same is true with punctuation marks and special characters.


Being that you don’t know where the characters are the first time you use it, you will always have a hard time with NovaKey when you start to use it. But people who have started to regularly use it attest to the uniqueness and fluidity of their new typing process, giving it a more enjoyable feel. Watch the tutorial vid below.

What we want to know is if it is more efficient than the regular keyboard orientation. You can download this new app at the Google Play Store (check the source link), it’s a free download as of now. Then you can tell us about your experiences with it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store



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