Slowly but surely, the Android 7.0 Nougat updates are coming. Patience is always a virtue for Android users, as it sometimes takes a bit longer for a major update to get to their smartphones and tablets because of several testing and approval layers they have to go through with the OEM and carrier. This week, it’s the turn of Verizon’s Moto Z Play Droid edition and AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. Users of the two devices can expect the update over the next few days.

The response to the Nougat update seems to be pretty positive, especially when it comes to battery saving, notification settings, and multi-tasking. You can enable the multi window mode so you can view two apps at the same time, but only in portrait mode. You can also switch easily between your two most recent apps by double tapping the overview button. Notifications are now bundled to make your window less cluttered, but there are also ways to view or reply to just one specific notification.

Notification settings and quick settings are also now much easier to customize and fix. Nougat also brings even more emojis because you can never have too many emojis to choose from. You can also now save on both your phone’s data usage (Data Saver) and its battery usage (Doze mode). There are still a lot of little things you can discover once you start re-exploring your phone after the update.

Just like with all the major updates, make sure your phone has space for the update’s size and that it is also fully charged. There are also some minor updates specific to the carrier, so watch out for them. You can check if your Moto Z Play Droid or your Samsung Galaxy Active S7 is already ready for the update.

SOURCES: Verizon, AT&T