Who remembers the disaster that was the Notion Ink Adam? Well, apparently the company is back for round two because today they’ve teased the first image of their upcoming Adam II tablet. Right on Twitter the Notion Ink team uploaded a rather blurry image of their next-gen tablet, complete with a squared design, white back, and iPhone 4 looking design.

The original Notion Ink Adam tablet was extremely promising. A tablet that was going to be a first of many awesome tablets running Android back in the early days. Instead we got what I can only describe as a buggy piece of hardware that was outdated on release after all the delays, and customer support that was non-existent. Well they had customer support, but don’t get me started.

Originally we all had high hopes for Notion Ink and their Adam tablet. Hopefully this time around they’ll have better hardware, updated software, enough funding to get the job done, and release a tablet that will renew their faith in the Android tablet space. We’ll see.

The image surely doesn’t reveal much. Aside from the fact that the new Adam II sports a nice white color, squared edges on this slate, and a rather thick body. It’s hard to really come up with any thoughts based on this early leaked photo, but we have a feeling Notion Ink will be sharing more details and photos soon. Hopefully they can deliver, but we’ll have to wait and see. If you bought the original, would you buy another Notion Ink tablet?

[via SlashGear]