Notion Ink has been promising us an interesting reintepretation of multitasking on their Adam Android slate, and now they’ve given a few more details on how that will work.  Eden is the company’s dual-mode interface: it has a Full mode, where apps occupy the whole screen as normal, and a Light mode, where the slate automatically controls how much memory and CPU is available to each app, what processes are called and how often refreshes take place, and more.

In Light mode, the display is split into three panels which can be flipped around and swapped with an “infinite” number of others waiting in sleep mode behind.  These panels can be a regular-resolution Android Market app or one of Notion Ink’s own apps, and individual titles can spawn multiple panels.  Like in iOS, various key components (features, data-base, networking components, UI elements) are kept running in Light mode so that apps can continue to communicate and offer pared down functionality.

[via SlashGear]


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