Remember the Notion Ink Adam?  Ahead of their Mobile World Congress 2010 appearance next week, we caught up with the Notion Ink team to find out about Flash support, digital content, the latest prototype news and why developers should seriously consider creating software for the Adam.

One of the stand-out devices from CES 2010 last month, the Android-based Tegra 2 tablet beat Apple’s iPad to the slate hype and promises 1080p HD video and of course the power-sipping Pixel Qi display.  Now, Notion Ink are planning an App Competition, with over $1m in the prize fund, to push development of Adam-compatible software.  Meanwhile they’ve also confirmed that the tablet will run Flash; in fact they’ll be demonstrating that in Barcelona next week.

As for the iPad, well, Notion Ink reckon they’ve got a significant battery advantage over the Apple tablet; in fact they reckon – even without the Pixel Qi panel – they could last 2-3x as long as the iPad can on a single charge.  You can read all the details over at SlashGear.

Notion Ink Adam hands-on demo:

[vms 3dc27118a0f19a198571]