Although it seems frightening, in the newest update from none other than Rohan Shravan, for which the insides of the Adam were designed, Shravan notes that Honeycomb is a work in progress, and might take a bit longer than they think to make it publicly available. He notes that “for an instance, Android took almost 18 months to become stable on various Tablet platforms.” Hard and rough! He also notes that for Motorola to have access to Honeycomb (hi XOOM,) NVidia must first have access to make it stable on Tegra and remove all issues. Like we didn’t already knooow that.

Shravan continues by speaking on the FCC and CE rumors, which are true. Buying a product inside a country requires you to have these certifications, but if you do certain kinds of global business you don’t need these certifications. But Notion Ink DOES need these certifications and is waiting for these certifications before they can ship the Adam to many countries across the earth.

He takes a couple photos with the camera on the tablet (which you can see above and below,) and notes how he and the rest of the people at Notion Ink say that a flash on the camera is only used 5% of all photography. While we sort of agree in a general way, that’s totally absurd in a specific way. Flash is junk on most devices, but on nicer devices, even that camera he takes a photo of in the image below, the flash is designed to work well, not just blow out images.

Finally he lets us all know that Notion Ink is not just software, it stands for design! It stands for new hardware and for innovation! And “if Google is doing innovation on Software front, what would Notion Ink be doing on other fronts?? *smiley face here, lol*”

[Via Notion Ink]


  1. is a good example of yellow blogging.

    You conveniently forgot to mention:

    1. Adam has already reached its owner’s outside the CE/FCC regions.

    2. Leave flash alone, leading tablets don’t even have a camera.

    3. A family can buy 2-3 Adams for the price of a Xoom or iPad. (and read them at any beach in the world)

  2. Chris,

    Your sarcasm is not appreciated. Maybe you are aware of all things, but there are people who may not be as knowledgeable as you. And we do appreciate Rohan’s explanations.

    Don’t try to get cheap mileage buddy.

  3. Lay off him he is doing his job of reporting he has provided a link at the bottom. He is factual I’m his report and has selected the important parts of Rohan’s blog post.
    He is right about the flash too. While on a tablet it may not be something valuable it is an important in many situations.
    Most pics on casual cameras happen to be taken indoors where flash is usually used. On better cameras an external flash is valuable in reducing shadows on faces in high sunlight situations. If one were taking the first picture posted with your friends in the foreground you would require a flash.
    Similarly indoors a flash with a flash diffuser and aimed at ceiling will really work wonders in lighting up portrait or small group photos.
    There is no need to imitate apple fanboys.
    That said I think that honeycomb may take some time to come. I remember Motorola postponed Froyo update 3 times over a period of 2 months. Then the rollout for Droid took 6 weeks. I got mine at the end. Then they issued an update to Froyo in one week then the flash update which was promised with froyo came another two weeks later.
    I’m expecting similar time lines with Honeycomb. In any case Google will be giving Motorola 3 months exclusive lead time before it is available to any bodyelse.

  4. @gcr Should they also add a printer? That is also useful in many situations? Why do you forget that this is one of the most inexpensive tablets with far more and better features than any other tablet? But of course, all those innovations don’t matter because they refused you a stupid camera flash, right? You would be better off with ipad because it doesn’t need flash, it doesn’t have a camera!

  5. By the way, is the writer going to explain what he means by “NVidia must first have access to make it stable on Tegra and remove all issues. Like we didn’t already knooow that.”?

    To me it seems like you and most others actually didn’t know this, otherwise you NI haters all over the internet wouldn’t be shouting all the time that Adam is worthless without Honeycomb. So, no you didn’t know that.

  6. The reporter is so ignorant and all he’s done is copy and paste what he thinks are interesting. @grc or gfc or kfc….whatever your name is.. Get an i (don’t have any useful features) pad. You’re a sore tosser.
    Adam is not vapourware and I have videos to prove it. My cousin just got his….
    Not everyone knows about the compatability tests, especially the dumb NI haters. How many tablets have a camera or usb ports? And for the article writer do get your facts right and stop trying to score cheap shots.

  7. @nitin are you reading challenged? I did say that having a flash in Adam is not important. In facts I don’t see how it can comfortably used to photograph. It would be good for video chats in front facing mode and in recording video from a stationary platform in back facing mode(one of the use cases mentioned by Rohan was recording lectures )
    An occasional photo use is ok but I don’t see how people can comfortably take pics on a 10+ inch device. So in a nutshell not much use for flash.
    Rohan made a generic statement another flash being used in only 5% of situations. This may be true for tablets but not in cameras.
    I think you and nitin are infected with fanbiotitis. You seem to see hater even where there aren’t any

    While Rohan made the right estimate of honeycomb taking time I think as a CEO of a company using Googles product it would be wiser to not comment on it.

  8. @Bhujang Patil
    1. Adam has already reached its owner’s outside the CE/FCC regions.

    Any proof to confirm this sentence? I don’t believe Rohan so if he says something it doesn’t mean it is truth.
    For example, during the CES on 6 or 7 January he said:
    “They(devices) are already waiting on US shores”
    and today he said
    “production started on 4th. The labeling is the last part.” ???

    So production started on 4th January and labeling isn’t finished yet, but on 6-7th January devices were waiting on US shores?
    Come on, this guy is lost in his statements.

  9. You can buy an 2 or 3 Adams for the price of an IPad of Xoom? Reality check. The Adam is just as expensive as any of the high-end tablets.

    Yeah, they dropped the LCD version 50 dollars and added 50 dollars to the price of the Pixel Qi (The version I am likely getting.)

    There is some scary cult like phenomena going on in Notion Ink circles. People look to Rohan as the new Jesus or Buddha. They talk about him “leading them into the future” and having a “Dream.”

    People, all you are doing is proving to the world the nature of humanity. You are also showing all the companies in the world how they can make you their pawns. They will round you up, place you in their pasture and they will become your shepherds. You sheep.

    The Adam is my top choice of the upcoming tablets. But if I am going to play a cat and mouse game with rounds of Pre-Orders, then get real. The demand is not that high relative to any other tablet in the mainstream focus.

    This is sickening and all this cult like activity makes me NOT want an Adam. Fortunately for me I understand only the few are deluded. The average consumer could care less about the Adam and is completely ignorant of it.

  10. “Sarcasm” is all over the report by the author here.

    Clearly he does not like Notion Ink as a company neither does he like Rohan.

    He is probably fed up with the wait for the Adam and thinks the Indians are a bunch of loosers who cannot compete globally let alone bring out a decent product with any sense of purpose.

  11. “NVidia must first have access to make it stable on Tegra and remove all issues”

    Wink wink, nudge nudge, thus something stable and issues removed to configure, customize and rework for use on the NI Adam as well 😉


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