Although it seems frightening, in the newest update from none other than Rohan Shravan, for which the insides of the Adam were designed, Shravan notes that Honeycomb is a work in progress, and might take a bit longer than they think to make it publicly available. He notes that “for an instance, Android took almost 18 months to become stable on various Tablet platforms.” Hard and rough! He also notes that for Motorola to have access to Honeycomb (hi XOOM,) NVidia must first have access to make it stable on Tegra and remove all issues. Like we didn’t already knooow that.

Shravan continues by speaking on the FCC and CE rumors, which are true. Buying a product inside a country requires you to have these certifications, but if you do certain kinds of global business you don’t need these certifications. But Notion Ink DOES need these certifications and is waiting for these certifications before they can ship the Adam to many countries across the earth.

He takes a couple photos with the camera on the tablet (which you can see above and below,) and notes how he and the rest of the people at Notion Ink say that a flash on the camera is only used 5% of all photography. While we sort of agree in a general way, that’s totally absurd in a specific way. Flash is junk on most devices, but on nicer devices, even that camera he takes a photo of in the image below, the flash is designed to work well, not just blow out images.

Finally he lets us all know that Notion Ink is not just software, it stands for design! It stands for new hardware and for innovation! And “if Google is doing innovation on Software front, what would Notion Ink be doing on other fronts?? *smiley face here, lol*”

[Via Notion Ink]