Notion Ink has announced details for its Adam pre-order today, with the Android Tegra 2 slate going on sale at 1.30pm EST. Registered users of the official blog will get first shot at ordering Рthey should have an email explaining how in a few hours time Рfollowed by general sales six hours later. Pricing has been tweaked along the way, with the entry-level Adam now down to $375.33 (rather than $399) while adding 3G takes it to $425.33.

The transflective Pixel Qi model will be $499.95 for the WiFi version and $549.99 for the 3G version. US and Europe/Asia modems will be on offer, different bands (and hence taking the total to six SKUs). We’re chasing up shipping estimate details and live photos; more information over at SlashGear.

[via SlashGear]