Regardless of all the drama revolving around the Notion Ink Adam, it’s software is very impressive. It definitely brings an interesting new take to Android based tablets and this interest is what sparked XDA member gojimi to port them to the G-Tab.

The apps should work on any ROM which has allowed gojimi to post 7 of the applications so far. The currently ported apps include: Notion Ink Canvas app, Calculator app, stock Browser app, Calendar, Keyboard, Sniffer app, Notion Ink Mail and the tablet version of QuickOffice.

Only a few issues are present with the current suite of apps. One of which involves the Calendar application – currently it is very slow to start up the first time and may require a force close, but after that it should be in working order. Also, the Mail app comes as a an file which will need to be flashed like a ROM.

[Via XDA]