It’s looking pretty real at this point, ladies and gentlemen, pre-orders are soon to be live for the Notion Ink Adam tablet and we’ve got a date for shipment: January 6 2011. That’s next month! This date places the shipment date extremely and conspicuously close to CES 2011, and you can bet we’ll be there clickin away. CES 2011 takes place January 6th until the 9th of 2011. More details on the Adam are sure to unfold throughout the day.

This fabulous looking tablet is priced at $375.33 for the basic LCD Wifi version, the 3G version costing instead $425.33. There’s another version, the Pixel Qi model that’ll run you $499.95 for the Wifi, with the 3G version costing $549.99. Two versions of the 3G models will be available, one for the USA, one for Europe and Asia. Take a click on over to [here] for the full details.

[Via SlashGear]


  1. This thing can do everything the ipad can do, plus a loooooooooooooooot more! this thing is going to make the ipad look like a toy for a 5 year old. Check out the Tech specs on the Adam’s website.

    However if your a fan of a 1 button device that has no usb ports or hdmi ports maybe stick with a ipad or other childs toy.

  2. @new start auto:
    Lol, you actually think that you should be comparing to the tamPad’s for functionality?

    Let’s start with software updates. Tell me one other device that can’t accept system updates over wifi. Or access you computer’s music library without needing to be plugged in…

    Or leave out a camera and be gimped in memory intentionally?

    You notice the rumoured that they’ll release the 2nd version in March and not their typical 365 day cycle? It’s because they intentionally gimped it because they have their flock who will buy and piece of turd they make because it’s fashionable? You want to Support a company that effectively did nothing but install their OS on a different for factor without any additional interface tweaks for a large screen? (Seriously, just 20 apps on a 10in home screen? Wow.)

    So yes, anything that’s not an TamPad’s is more capable. A netbook has a bigger drive and possibly longer battery and most have a built in webcam.


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