So a fellow from XDA Developers Forums by the name of can90 has emailed Notion Ink about the Adam tablet. He got some answers (at least one of which might be totally wrong.) Subject matter includes headset, video recording, hard drive plugin, light sensor, Sniffer, Leaves, Screen Protector, and MicroSDHC. Take a peek at the full interview below.

These are the questions and answers between can90 and “Jon” whom he mailed at Notion Ink. Have a looksee:

Hi. I email my question to Notion Ink yesterday, and today they replied me. Here is the email:
Greetings from the Notion Ink Support Team!

1. Can we plug in headset to Notion Ink Adam? Yes

2. What is the resolution and fps of video recording of Adam? resolution 640 x 480 and fps of 15 fps.

3. Can we plug 1TB hard drive to it? We are not too sure if a HD of that size would show up.

4. Can we disable the ambient light sensor if we want? Yes.

5. Sniffer shows 1 USB drive even a USB drive doesn’t plugged. However, we have 2 USB port. What if we plug 2 USB flash drive at a time, will it work? Will Sniffer shows both of them? No, it would only work and show 1 device.

6. Can leaves work in the portrait mode? No

7. Will Notion Ink come with screen protector or not? Yes, the Adam will come with a screen protector.

Thank you for your continued support to Notion Ink!

Warm Regards
Notion Ink Support Team

I also learned that Notion Ink Adam supports MicroSDHC upto 128 GB. Hope I could help for others who has those questions in their mind.

The one item that might be incorrect is something Gkar3 (another XDA member) pointed out, and that’s that Adam cannot support SHCD up to 128 GB because specs limit SDHC to 32 GB – at the highest. He also points to this source for that info tip factoid:

NOTE: if you’d like to get a closer look at the Notion Ink Adam, take a peek at our Hands-On at CES 2011 over on SlashGear.

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