Notion Ink is no stranger to criticism, but that hasn’t stopped it from outing its latest Adam II tablet. While the next generation Adam does sport better some features than the first one, it feels almost like a device that has not reached its full potential.

The first Notion Ink Adam didn’t get the reception proportional to the hype it generated. The Adam II might have an even worse fate in the court of public opinion. Coming out almost two years after it first announced, the Notion Ink Adam II underwhelms. The specs start with a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU and 1 GB of RAM. It does have a quad-core Mali 400 which is advertised to at least give a decent multimedia and gaming experience. Internal storage is capped at 8 GB with optional expansion via a microSD slot. Both rear and front-facing cameras are 3.15 megapixels. Not exactly an eye-catching spec sheet.


The biggest disappointment, however, comes with the 10.1-inch 1280×800 resolution screen. Gone is the low-power Pixel Qi display, which may have been the first Adam’s biggest selling factor. Instead we have here a plain IPS LCD. Notion Ink tries to put in some effort in including a gimmick. On one of the edges of the tablet is a very thin display that can show notifications or titles of books, pretty much like a digital book spine. The speakers of the Adam II are located at the front, but both at the top, which is admittedly a rather unconventional location.


If the Notion Ink Adam II sounds pretty much like a bizarre mid-range tablet, then the price point will not disappoint. The WiFi only model costs 16,499 Rs, converted to roughly $266, while the 3G and WiFi variant has a slightly higher 18,499 Rs price tag, or around $298. Currently the Adam II is available only in India, and, given the brand’s history, there might not be much of a market for it outside.

SOURCE: Notion Ink