Rohan has just posted a video of some brand new workings on the Adam, particularly in the way of students working on the tablet. This video again is taken directly from Adam’s direct HDMI output. Rohan reminds us of the canvas app, the office support, the calendar and email apps, and leads in to how one of the most important aspects of the tablet is Notion Ink’s business partners.

This video shows an app by the name of Solaro, an app that’s basically on it’s 1.0 journey into iPad and iPhone as we speak. It’s an E-learning “solution” that is “100% compliant with each region’s core curriculum standards and customized to meet the unique learning needs of each individual student.” The version here on the Adam can both teach and test you on all sort of things, showing here in the video to be teaching you some excellent science. Looks simple. Take a peek:

[Via Notion Ink]