What we have all been waiting for regarding the Notion Ink Adam is finally here (besides the launch information and pre-order information, which, of course, came before we even saw a the device live) – the tablet has finally been demoed on video.

The video show the custom Eden UI, multitasking panel engine, and apps – including ereader, Canvas paint application, and more. The Eden UI is looking as impressive as we have seen hinted at. It is definitely a departure from what we’re used to with an Android-based device with it’s three apps running at a time that can be swiped left and right or rearranged at will.

Performance wise, it’s definitely not perfect – but not many Android devices are. Panel switching introduces some lag, but the pinch to zoom seem to be running smoothly. We’re not able to tell much else from the live videos and will be posting more information once we get our hands on the much anticipated tablet.


[Via SlashGear]