Take a peek at this! To counter-act all the “Notion Ink Delayed again” headlines that’ve been going around the past week or so, the folks at Notion Ink have found a way to pre-pone (instead of postpone) their February shipments to the last week of January. That seems kinda neato. That in addition to the photos below and the news that the FCC and CE delayed batches will be going out tomorrow – all in all it’s just totally a happy day over at Notion Ink in the factory and on the shipping floor!

Are you pumped up to receive your brand new Adam tablet? What’s the first thing you’ll do when you get it in the mail and turn it on?

On that note, who wants to bet on if the units will be powered when you take them out of the box or if they’ll have to be charged?

Also, does anyone still want to bet on if the screen will be glossy or matte?

Take a peek at these pics straight from the factory, courtesy of Rohan:

[Via Notion Ink]


  1. Chris,

    What does this prove? They are still not listed on the FCC site. Yea people get it they actually have real tablets.

    Point is it the iPad 2 is going to get them

  2. They don’t understand what tablets are meant for. If you want true multi-tasking get a laptop and if you want a nice form factor get a macbook air.

    Tablets are meant for consumption. There dumb fanbois seems to love get a hard on, when 3 shows 3 apps running at once.

    First of all how is that useful? Are you going to compute something? You can make an app that does twiiter, fb, and websurfing, they are apps for that.

    The iPad retina will blow everything out of the market.

  3. We are not saying that multitasking has to be used all the time, hence the ability to turn off multitasking. That does not mean that it would not be nice to have less wait when switching between apps, not to mention research and note taking.

  4. Pretty simplistic view of what tablets should be Mr. MacAttack. I’m surprised Apple didn’t use you for their marketing scheme when they first unveiled the concept of the iPad.

    “Hey – if you don’t need any real functionality but just want to view videos, pictures and a web browser on a flat screen that you can operate by touching the screen then we got the perfect product for you.”

  5. MacAttack, Honeycomb will get iPad2 faster than you can blink an eye. And Adam will be upgraded to Honeycomb. And please, do not assume that everyone will be happy to interact with a handicapped tablet(iPad) just because the display looks great. Adam is a pragmatic tablet, not just a looker like your precious iPad.

  6. @Paritosh

    iPad is the best selling tablet out there. Nothing even comes close. Nothing comes close to the quality of an iPad.

    I bet you haven’t even tried the iPad. Noone has even tried out the Adam, so no one really knows how its going to be.

    It sad that the Adam had to go through this much to be released. and when it bombs. hey I told you so.

  7. Millions of sales of iPAD speak something. But so far Adam has been roaming about in the garden of Eden turning a leaf here and a leaf there. Adam, the iPAD killer from India, should know that Apple is the forbidden fruit and it might get stuck in Adam’s throat………….in any event Adam was touted as the iPAD killer, but iPAD2 is not far off.

  8. Nickelback is a top selling band, therefore they must be brilliant. The Big Mac is a top selling hamburger, therefore it must be world-class quality food.

  9. Personally, I think the iPad is a fine thing. It does what it touts: great for web browsing and email.

    But I think a lot of these tables about to be released will end up being better. Sales numbers aren’t the de facto in determining if something is good. Keep in mind, the same comments by apple lovers (and I like apple products, but I don’t defend them blindly) were made when the G1 came out. But of course the iphone sold better than android; Android has JUST been released. I believe Android has now passed iOS in total number of devices. That in itself does not make it better, but just goes to show time will make a difference.

    When all is said and done, everyone wants something different. The Adam has had all sorts of issues to this point and it may continue to do so. And the iPad 2 may kick ass. But that said, if you want flash, no matter how great the ipad2 is, it may as well be a C-64.

    Give it time and see what happens. But I’m betting that Honeycomb will be released on some great tablets in the near future.

  10. All these Apple die-hards make me laugh. I would not buy a Apple product simply on the principle that they are worse than Microsoft when it comes to open standards. The iPad does not even have a usb port because Apple wants to make money from licensing fees on their proprietery ports. I will not buy any device that a) does not have indistry standard ports b) does not allow me to change the battery myself.

  11. I bought an iPad and two weeks later I sold it to a friend. I thought it was a great device but found it to be redundant considering I usually had a working laptop within arm’s reach. I’ve been following the Adam for a long time now with excitement but I’m thinking it will fall under the same ‘redundant’ category, for my purposes that is. Considering this and forget about the obvious advantage of mobility, etc….I’m wondering what feature (software or hardware, present or future) will make a tablet more attractive than a laptop?

  12. The ipad, really is just a really big iphone. It has a few advantages over just a bigger screen but not many.

    I’ll admit apple is always first (iphone was amazing when it first came out, the ipad was the first tablet worth owning). But they quickly get passed because of two things 1) they aren’t open source, 2) always cost to much for the computing power you get.

    Adam’s processing power blows the ipad away, and will likely even be better than the ipad2.

    Android is a true multitasking OS, while ios seems to be single tasking, with a bandaid thrown on it to make it seem like it can multitask.

    Android phones are quickly outselling iphones, android has better technology, android will always have better hardware for the money, and android in my opinion is also now a better OS than the ios.

    The only thing apple has left is its pretty case and pretty screen, which android phones are quickly obtaining as well.

    Same thing goes with the ipad. For now it is the best, but as long as apple maintains a closed source policy, android tablets will quickly catch up, and then pass the ipad. Honeycomb will take the concept of the tablet a step further, and be the beginning of the end for the ipad.

    I pre-ordered an adam. To be honest the main reason I am excited about it, is the screen. Ive been waiting for a tablet that could be read like an e-reader.

    I would never buy an ipad, i can do everything you can do on an ipad, on my android phone, and it fits in my pocket. It doesn’t have a USB port, a camera, and has the same processing power as an iphone 4….give me a break…sheep buy ipads because its super easy to use and pretty in your hands…other than that its a waste

  13. Notion Ink does have FCC approval. They listed the various codes. And pictures were shown of them ready to ship. What is the problem?

    The iPad is good for what it does unless you want to go to a Flash based website, or use a file on a friends USB thumb drive. Or take a picture.

    The Notion Ink Adam is a serious iPad killer. And they will start shipping tomorrow.

  14. I don’t want to buy a computer/phone/tablet and then be told what I can do or what I cannot do with it. That’s why I don’t buy Apple’s stuff anymore. That “freedom to use my equipment as I want it” is something morons like MacAttack and other Apple minions don’t seem to understand.

  15. What it all boils down to is what is right for you. If you like living with a tablet that can’t do much more than a mp3 player, such as the Ipod, and you can live in ignorance for the rest of you life then the Ipad is for you. Now, on the other hand if you like to have some, in the words of Biskottalaya, “Freedom” to do what you want with you tablet then the Adam is a good choice, one of many. I am chose the Adam over seven months ago were as my wife went with the viewsonic gtablet, still not the Ipad. So you see it is all about the person, and the level of ignorance they feel comfortable living in.

  16. I want a device that I can do what I want with. Android provides that. I want a device that has every bit of the functionality I need out of the box. Adam provides that. I want a tablet that ISN’T a giant smart phone. Adam does. I will admit that Apple makes great products. I have an iPhone myself, but I’ve wanted an android ever since I got it. Some things Apple just can’t deliver on. Android may not be perfect, but at least it doesn’t try to enslave its owners to only do what Apple thinks best. The iPad is very user friendly, but it falls a bit short on functionality. The Adam delivers. When the Adam gets its update to Honeycomb it will work the tablet world. Next week I will christen the Adam the best tablet currently available. Adam-ites, please help me defend the Adam.
    Now to answer the questions asked by Android Community: I will write a nice review for the Adam and maybe do unboxing video for the sheer joy of it. The screen will be Matte, but less so than the bundled screen protector.

  17. All the folks outside of India eager for the “Adam”.

    You have to understand the Indian way of brining things out. Order in Chaos, we Indians have a different way of dealing with things – with all the drama, chaos and “things looking like not falling in place” – we eventually get the job done.

    Iam sure Rohan and Co. are here with a product so good to challenge the Ipad 2, there is no doubt about that.

    You folks need to get used to the Indian way of doing things!

  18. @ pramod
    I can understand that there may be some cultural differences and can respect that. On the other side of that I ask that you guys understand that many of us are mearly exstatic about the Adam, and though I may be very impatient to receive one at the same time I want the closest thing to perfection that I can get and am willing to wait for it. I was the same way when I got my mp3 player ( I waited until I could get the Ipod touch ). So though it may seem that many of us have been rushing the finalization, and I hope I’m not alone in saying this, we were happy to wait for perfection. We just want so badly for NI to succeed that it becomes almost impossable to shut our mouths about different possible ways to overcome all other tablets, both existing and soon to come.


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