Take a peek at this! To counter-act all the “Notion Ink Delayed again” headlines that’ve been going around the past week or so, the folks at Notion Ink have found a way to pre-pone (instead of postpone) their February shipments to the last week of January. That seems kinda neato. That in addition to the photos below and the news that the FCC and CE delayed batches will be going out tomorrow – all in all it’s just totally a happy day over at Notion Ink in the factory and on the shipping floor!

Are you pumped up to receive your brand new Adam tablet? What’s the first thing you’ll do when you get it in the mail and turn it on?

On that note, who wants to bet on if the units will be powered when you take them out of the box or if they’ll have to be charged?

Also, does anyone still want to bet on if the screen will be glossy or matte?

Take a peek at these pics straight from the factory, courtesy of Rohan:

[Via Notion Ink]