Have you seen this little piece of candy before? It’s a cool little audio track controller present in the notifications pull-down menu on the LG Optimus 3D. It controls the music you’re playing with your stock music player and, since Music Beta force closes when you try to open it on LG Optimus 3D, that’s pretty much it. It does see album cover art, and does display that, then plays the track, whichever track you want to play.

Also the album cover connects directly to your stock music player. Once you’re there, you can select which track you’d like to play, then back out and have it continue to play, accessing your tracks by simply pulling down your notifications window. Sounds pretty awesome! Let’s give it a try here in a nice little video:

[vms 19de8a614abce9cc0e6d]

Well now that was nice. We’re hoping some nice developers take this out of the LG Optimus 3D and put it in some sort of ROM or another. Also an important point to make is that this is a developer’s early hardware version of the device, thusly the final version to come out in the USA will have a slightly different and more complete build. Hopeuflly Music (beta) will work by then!