The more apps you install and use, the more your notifications can get messier and at times, more annoying. Yes, we know you can disable notifications per app, but for the ones that you really can’t let go, you need something to make it more manageable for you while you’re working and doing other activities. The Notific lockscreen notification app will attempt to do that for Android smartphone users.

Just like other notification apps, it displays yours even while your phone is on locked screen mode. But what makes Notific different is it is more intuitive and does not take up a lot of memory usage, which is sometimes the problem with these kind of apps. Along with the notification, there are quick action buttons that will allow you to choose who to respond to the message. It can also detect when your phone is in your pocket or bag and so the notification screen will not turn on unless you take it out within 10 seconds of receiving the notification.

It will not drain much both your battery and your memory usage, as it uses the proximity sensor for only 10 seconds and only around 2-10MB of memory is used. They are also assuring users that they are not mining your data, especially since the app doesn’t need Internet connection to work. Even when it crashes, it will not ask you to send data reports or Google analytics to their server.

While the app is still in active development mode, it is already available in the Google Play Store for $.99. But there is also a free version APK which has almost all of the features except for the blacklist/whitelist function. You might encounter a bit of problems with the sensor, since it was calibrated for Nexus devices originally, but you can try calibrating it manually in your settings. The developer said users should expect more updates and features in the next few months.

VIA: XDA Developers