After the Galaxy S6 edge+ hands-on videos, here are two videos published by Samsung to give us a preview of what the new Galaxy Note 5 can do. This mobile device has been built to help us do more, made possible by the newly redesigned S-Pen that can now be ejected from under the phone. It features a new Air Command feature on the interface allows you to add apps for easier and quicker access. You can even delete or reposition those apps to either left or right side of the screen.

When reading on the Note 5, you can take advantage of the enhanced Screen Write feature that lets you snag multiple pages into one whole image. The Scroll Capture can then let you preview length of the combined documents. You can add a personal message on the document to share with family and friends.

samsung note 5

The Note 5 also features Smart Select that lets you select images the way you want. The camera is impressive with 16 megapixels, F/1.9 aperture that’s great even under low light conditions, and real-time HDR. The 5MP cam also shares the same features and selfie addicts will enjoy the advanced selfie mode.

video collage mode galaxy note 5

The video collage mode lets you edit videos into one and on different frames without having to use a separate app. The Galaxy Note 5’s optics are way past pretty pictures as described so anyone can capture and watch super high quality videos. The processor is really powerful and the 4GB RAM make the device faster than ever. The new Note even features Multi Window so you can do more stuff on one screen simultaneously.

Wben it comes to the Note 5’s design, Samsung boasts that you can do more on the bigger screen. Phone is slimmer and sleeker than the previous model. The 5.7-inch screen is gorgeous while the curved ergonomic design on the back makes it a winner.

The S-Pen has been redesigned to look like a real pen. It writes like one and recognition is faster and more precise now. As for the Air Command, this feature has a sleeker look and some new functions. You can now jot down a note on the Note 5 without having to unlock the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Glossy Cover Glitter Cover

And since the Samsung Note line is known for its style and function, the Glass Cover and Glitter Cover will be a feast to the eyes. You can choose from the four color variants: White Pearl, Gold Platinum, Black Sapphire, and Silver Titanium.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Color Variants

There’s also various charging options like the regular¬†cable charger but now with quick charging. There’s also a 5200mAh battery pack you can buy for fast-charging on-the-go and of course, the wireless charging pad.

Watch the quick hands-on video by Samsung below:

SOURCE: Samsung Mobile