If you’re using the Runkeeper fitness app, did you know that the app still tracks you and transmits your data even when you’re not using it? Apparently not a lot of users do know that the tracking goes beyond your workout and that is why the Norwegian Consumer Council is lodging a complaint against the developers of the app with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority as that behavior breaches both their local and European data protection laws.

The Council asked a third-party group to test out Runkeeper for Android and there they discovered that the app still transmits the data gathered about users round the clock, even though they’re not exercising anymore. Furthermore, they also complained that there is no option within the app to delete the user data. Both practices are not included in the terms of service, and so technically, users have not given their consent for either of the routines normal to the app.

“Not only is it a breach of privacy laws; we are also convinced that users do not want to be tracked in this way or for information about their location, level of fitness and training habits to be shared with third parties,” said Finn Myrstad, Technical Director of the Consumer Council. They are filing the complaint so that Runkeeper will comply with European legislation regarding data privacy and also provide detailed information on how they will go about with compliance.

RunKeeper has yet to issue an official response to this complaint, but even though it may seem a local problem in Norway, this can have serious repercussions for the app as it also violates European data protection laws as well. Tinder’s previous privacy violations have resulted in it being pulled from some app stores until they were able to resolve it.

VIA: Frobukerradet


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