Norton has just released an security app for Android. I know what you think, what’s the point? This app is surely not needed but it will definitely make a few people feel more secure when browsing the web on their Android device. It does have a few good features that most of us might find useful.

This app can remotely wipe your phone if it has been stolen or lost. And it can block unwanted calls and text messages, if your SIM card is removed it will automatically lock your phone. It can also download the latest software automatically. There are also a few security features that most of us are familiar with on our home computers.

There’s a built in virus scanner and anti-malware functions. Also, it scans all the files and app updates you download to your mobile device for threats. And detects and removes threats and forbidden files without affecting your mobile device’s performance. Given the fact that there are no current virus threats for Android these last features may be useless. But apps like this will make a few people feel more secure. Try it out and see how you like it.

[via droid-life]