The fine folks over at ZDnet have decided to tear down completely the NOOKcolor, a device which we’ve had quite a bit of experience with (see full list of review and hands-on posts with NOOKcolor at the bottom of this post) They begin by noting the fun aspects of the box – ie the magnets, and get into the fun stuff when they begin by unscrewing the first two Torx T5 screws from underneath the microSD slot cover.

From there, actually, it seems quite simple, as those two screws are really the only non-tab elements holing the back on. Inside they find that most of the space is taken up by the battery, with its internal metal frame serving also as the device’s outer edge, held together with 10 Torx T5 screws. They find that the speaker is actually about 1/3 of the size of the grill feature on the back of the device, that the display is made by LG (LG Display LD070WS1 (SL)(02) with 1024 x 600 resolution at 169 PPI), that the touchscreen controller is a Cypress Semiconductor TMA340, SanDisk provides the internal 8GB of memory with a SDIN4C1-8G chip, and that Texas Instruments appears to have provided the audio. Fun stuff!

[Via ZDNet]