Barnes and Noble are back with another e-reader for the world to enjoy. Many might now know this, but even the black and white e-readers run on Android. There are multiple hacks and tweaks available but today we have a brand new model to tell you about. The all new NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight. This is a front-lit display as we reported on yesterday, and will be amazing in the dark.

This new NOOK Simple Touch is an upgrade over the previous Simple Touch in regards to the screen, but that is about all. This is a big update though. For those that read often on a tablet device you all know that reading outside by the pool, at the park, or on that cruise ship all summer can be a challenge with the sun. The new GlowLight will ensure that you’ll get an optimal reading experience in any light condition.

Not only that, this will almost instantly make all of those e-reader light kits and cases obsolete. You’ll be able to read in bed and in complete darkness. The NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight is the only e-reader that you can read completely in the dark. How does this work? The GlowLight actually illuminates the reading surface with 8 LED’s embedded into the upper inside bezel and can be turned on/off by the switch of a button. Reading in a perfectly lit room you don’t need it and can save battery, head to bed and it’s dark just one tap and you’re reading in no time.

Aside from the new GlowLight this is the same 6-inch e-reader we already know and love. It can be yours for only $139 and pre-orders are available right this minute from the link below. The new Simple Touch with GlowLight will begin shipping May 1st.

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