All those of you lucky enough to already have gotten access to The New York Times on your Barnes & Noble NOOK device, be it the original NOOK, the new generation NOOK, or NOOKcolor (aka NOOK Color), will now be given access to – joy of joys! For those of you that don’t know, the website is a subsciption-based website the same as their physical paper and their ereader based papers are. What this announcement does is give those already subscribing to the NOOK-based NYTimes complete access to the website as well. What a deal!

This should follow as NYTimes subscribers already have essentially the same content as is delivered on, only this way they’re able to get the content outside of their ereaders. This should prove to be a selling point for those subscribing in the future as well, as this deal works for all those subscribing from now on to the NYTimes on their Barnes & Noble tablets. You can access The New York Times with your NOOK NewsStand as you would any number of other fabulous bits of content.

Those of you subscribing starting today or if you’ve had a subscription to The New York Times before now with your NOOK device will receive an update as to how you’ll be able to get access to from now directly on the device. This update will thrill the masses, that much will certainly be true. As of you who haven’t yet experienced the NOOK magic, I suggest you take a look at our Week With NOOKcolor series on our sister-site SlashGear, as well as some hands-on with the all-new NOOK too. Full of kicks!